Save With Online Shopping Vouchers

Shopping Vouchersyou see they are comfortable using the web, consider giving them a selection of web gift vouchers. That way they can select precisely what they need.

Buying for near acquaintances and loved ones is typically easier. You usually know what they need and with online shopping coupons you can find those items and hopefully save a bit of money. There are coupons available for everything from DVD’s to furniture. Dozens of sites do books and for the children on your list you can utilise online shopping coupons to pick up the items they need at a discounted price.

It can take a little looking to get these kinds of bargains. Your first stop should be one of those sites that only do coupons. A lot of these sites have hundreds of different coupons all offering bargains on several goods. Online shopping coupons typically consist of a special numbered code that you submit at check-out.

When looking for something in particular like a rebate on airfare or a hotel consider performing a search targeted entirely on that. You can generate some great results and then it’s simply a matter of looking at which coupons will save you the most money. There are however several bulletin boards devoted to saving money online and others posting could have specific valuable information concerning where to source the better bargains.

Never miss out on any special offers that offer free postage and packaging. If you are getting several items these shipping fees can add up very quickly and with web shopping coupons that provide free postage and packaging you will be saving a decent chunk of change.

Many web merchants acknowledge the importance of repeat business and will mail special Internet mail updates to their clients. Very often they will provide online shopping coupons as an incentive for their clients to purchase once more. Make use of these offers whenever you can and you will take delight in some wholesome reductions.

Smart Online Shopping

 Smart Online ShoppingConvenience and speed are among the greatest benefits the Internet has bestowed upon us and both these attributes are best demonstrated when we shop online.

When compared to a brick-and-mortar experience, online shopping has numerous advantages. It helps you avoid the hassle of looking for parking; it saves you the trouble of walking down seemingly endless shopping aisles as you search for items; it helps you save time because you don’t have to travel to the mall; and it helps you skip the long queues at the checkout counter! In addition to this, online shopping gives you access to global premium brands, which may not be available locally, and often entitles you to better deals, bigger discounts and more reward points, which you can redeem for free purchases later on.

So what do you need to shop online? Just a credit card! Your credit card empowers to you to shop from anywhere 24 X 7 through online shopping. Credit card companies such as HDFC, ICICI, Kotak (and even issuers such as VIsa & MasterCard) often have special deals for online purchases. For instance HDFC currently running a program where their members get up to 5 times the points on online purchases. Such offers encourage people to do more of online shopping as there is a sense of gratification for the customer in terms of gifts he can get. However, when buying off the Internet, always ensure that your online purchases are safe. Here are some online shopping tips that will help:

o Always verify that the URL of the website is correct by checking it in the address bar of the Internet browser. This will protect you against phishing.
o Only shop from trusted, well-established and reputed websites.
o Never type sensitive information such as your credit card number, CVV etc. in pop-up windows.
o Sign up for services like ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘Master Card Secure Code’ before shopping online with your credit card for a safer shopping experience.
o The URL of the webpage where you enter your credit card details should start with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. This indicates it is a secure website.
o Jot down relevant transaction IDs or take printouts of the purchase confirmation screen for future reference.
o Check to see that the webpage you are on has a closed padlock or a key icon on it before entering sensitive information.

As you can see, online shopping is a great way to carry out your purchases from the comfort of your own home. However, to ensure that you always have a pleasant and safe shopping experience, make sure that you keep these simple and handy tips in mind before packing those virtual shopping carts! Happy shopping!

Shop Clothes At Home And Save Money

Shop At HomeBeing a freelancer, I have the luxury of spontaneous shopping. I get up from my desk (or plastic table in the garden as it is today), and head into town on some phoney pretext which is generally total procrastination.

Today, I decided my summer clothing was sadly lacking, so headed off to remedy the situation. I tried the charity shops first, believing it’s far better to both recycle and give money to charity. However, finding nothing, I headed to the more mainstream clothes shops.

Unfortunately, I am prone to forgetting I am no longer a size 10, and as such, clothes shopping has become a much more sobering and depressing experience. This is especially true for revealing summer garments, and I’ve yet to understand why or when the larger lady would ever wish to wear hipsters.

So, I go in search of the perfect article of clothing; the one which will transform my flab into some vision of fitness. Whilst logically I know such article does not exist, I have not given up my quest. It has long been posited that major high street stores use slimming mirrors, but I’m becoming convinced some of the larger charity shops have also adopted this tactic. I’ve brought endless supposed flattering pieces only to discover I look like an obese whale in my own less flattering mirror.

Yet, I don’t agree with this body fascism. Idealistically, I believe we shouldn’t be so prejudicial to people because of their size. I want to feel proud and confident about how I look no matter what weight I am. But this doesn’t stop me from buying tops which are three sizes too big because I don’t want them to cling to my belly.

Today, the sensible voice in my head took over. I stood in the changing room and looked at myself in shorts and a swimming costume. I looked at my fat – or curves if I were feeling generous – and realized I had a simple choice. I could either make the decision now not to go in the water with my four year old all summer (I live five minutes from the beach), or else I needed to wake up and start accepting the way I look. After all, there are many women who are sexy and big. It’s about confidence, and all I needed to do was to start projecting this confidence.

Twenty five pounds later (cash, not fat), I’m back at home at my plastic table. I’m wearing the shorts, but my legs are hidden, and only time will tell whether I’m willing to wear them out. The swimming costume I’ve thrown on the side in the bedroom. I’m hoping I can hold on to the golden nugget of positivity. I have visions of striding confidently across the sand, comfortable with my womanly figure.

A Guide in Buying Womens Ski Apparel

Sure beach holidays are great, but for cold countries, you might try learning to ski to enjoy the snow instead of despising them. Though the winter had started it’s never too late to learn new skill. So before booking a ski holiday in Chamonix, maybe you will consider to read tips on how to shop women’s ski apparel.

It is been a customary that skiers tend to buy at ski resorts for ski clothing due to the fact that the bulky gears of skier is charged high in commercial planes. Little did the skiers know that ski resorts charged much of ski clothing they are selling are still more expensive compared to the luggage charge paid at airline companies.

Though I am not totally against buying ski clothing at ski resorts, I guess skier’s just want to have a fuss- free travel with not too much luggage to mind and carry. But then the advantage of buying women’s ski apparel before heading out to a ski resort will outweigh the benefits offered by buying ski clothing in ski resorts. Planned buying will have a skier the choice to shop around the best deal.

In order to stay warm and dry in a harsh cold winter environment a skier should rely on top quality ski clothing. A god ski clothing characteristic is light, yet offers optimum defense against the elements. Ski jacket must be waterproof and windproof. And don’t forget the cardinal rule in layering up ski clothing: an outer layer that is waterproof and windproof, an insulating layer that warms, and an inner layer that comforts and removes moisture from the skin.

To accommodate the womens ski apparel you buy, choose a bag with huge capacity and lots of pocket and divisions. But since you’ll not be carrying a bag with you on the slopes so you will ideally have clothing with appropriately sized pockets for your possessions! A great supplement for your ski clothes will be the nineties trend – a bum bag.

Shopping Tips for Business Casual Clothes

The first step to dressing right is to know your fabric. However, only a few can boast to have this knowledge. Thus, even if you choose the right color, cut and style for a women’s dress or women’s apparel, it can all go wrong if your selection of fabric is incorrect. Basically, there are two types of fabrics – natural and synthetic. While cotton, wool, silk, linen hemp and jute are natural fabrics, nylon, polyester, rayon and spandex and synthetic fabrics. Each of them have a distinct flow and require different care.

When shopping for business casual clothes, it is highly recommended that you buy skirts, shirts and pants made of less formal fabrics such as cotton and cotton blends. In fact, these are the top choices for casual clothing followed by linen. If you get all confused while shopping for business casual clothes, buy Elan International clothing and you can be sure of getting compliments from your colleagues when dressed in them for an informal business get together. This brand also stocks an excellent collection of women’s casual clothing and women’s dresses. Clothing women becomes simpler by shopping from this online fashion store.

Some important pointers that you need to keep in mind while browsing through a business women’s casual clothing collection are given below. For instance, whether you plan to buy a skirt or a pant, make sure that it is well tailored and does not wrinkle easily. Moreover, while opting for skirts, be extra careful about their lengths. A skirt meant to be worn to office on an informal occasion should be no shorter than knee length while standing and should cover the thighs while sitting down.

In addition to that, check the slits of the skirt. It should be there solely for the purpose of affording greater comfort while walking and climbing stairs. Similarly, do not go for low waist pants as such that are available in the women’s apparel section of various clothing women stores. In case you prefer pant suits, button up the shirt so that you do not draw unwarranted attention from your colleagues. The same holds true for skirt slits that are there only for showing off the legs of the wearer. While this could still work in an out an out casual setting, it is deemed inappropriate for a business wear. In case of both skirts and pants, make sure that they are neither too flowing nor too skin hugging.

Good tailoring and a smart fit are the keywords that you need to abide by in this case. To be completely safe, buy Elan International clothing designed for working women. This online fashion store is fast becoming a known name among fashionistas for its amazing women’s clothing range that includes women’s dresses as well. As for the accessories shopping for business casual clothes for women, opt for shoes in neutral colors such as black, white, brown or beige. As for other accessories like watches, hand bags and jewelry, anything will do as long as it’s clean, in good shape and not too flashy.

True Shopping Tips

For the girl who loves to shop for clothing, the recent economic downturn has been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, with the uncertainty in the financial markets, consumers are counting every penny. People have watched their stock portfolio’s take a dive, they have seen their credit limits decreased, and they are working their jobs without receiving even annual cost-of-living raises. This has caused a number of shoppers to approach their purchases with more care and consideration. Yet, the plus side to this economic downturn is that competition for business has really heated up. For those looking to make purchases, prices have never been better. Take clothing purchases, for example. Womens wholesale apparel is flying of the shelves. Even the better apparel lines, which typically are at the high end of the market, are being discounted and sold by retailers. Most children’s clothing is staying at low price points, and even athletic wear, which has traditionally fetched top dollar, is now being heavily discounted. So, if you are in a position to afford some bargains, taking a shopping trip can be an exciting prospect. There are a few tried and true shopping-trip rules to keep in mind before heading off to the store.

1. Don’t buy something just because it is on discount. One of the quickest ways people get into financial trouble is by impulse buying. While picking up the occasional discounted item won’t usually break-the-bank, buying just because something is discounted really doesn’t make much sense. Do you really need that heavily marked down black blouse when you already have two at home which are very similar?

2. Be sure to shop with a list. Once you enter a store and are really enticed by all the displays and styles, it is easy to forget about those things you really, truly need. A list will help keep you focused on your essential purchases.

3. Make the time to try on the clothes you are interested in purchasing. How many times have you seen something look great on the hanger, only to try it on and be extremely disappointed? Trying clothes on will quite possibly save you from making that return trip to the store.

4. Try hard to be patient. If you find a pair of jeans you love, ask when they will be marked down. Most employees have a pretty good idea when discounts are going to occur and what items are planned for discount. Maybe waiting only a week can get you those jeans for twenty percent off.

5. Utilize the services of the store staff members. Employees know their merchandise. They know what is a good bargain, as well as the hot deals and the most popular styles. They are often trained to know what cuts and styles look good on particular body types and they can make some really valuable suggestions.

There are few things quite as fun as a pleasant shopping trip with your girlfriends. For the most enjoyable experience, hit the stores a prepared and ready shopper. Keep in mind the preceding tips and have fun enjoying the great selections and bargains.

Smart Online Shopping

Convenience and speed are among the greatest benefits the Internet has bestowed upon us and both these attributes are best demonstrated when we shop online.

When compared to a brick-and-mortar experience, online shopping has numerous advantages. It helps you avoid the hassle of looking for parking; it saves you the trouble of walking down seemingly endless shopping aisles as you search for items; it helps you save time because you don’t have to travel to the mall; and it helps you skip the long queues at the checkout counter! In addition to this, online shopping gives you access to global premium brands, which may not be available locally, and often entitles you to better deals, bigger discounts and more reward points, which you can redeem for free purchases later on.

So what do you need to shop online? Just a credit card! Your credit card empowers to you to shop from anywhere 24 X 7 through online shopping. Credit card companies such as HDFC, ICICI, Kotak (and even issuers such as VIsa & MasterCard) often have special deals for online purchases. For instance HDFC currently running a program where their members get up to 5 times the points on online purchases. Such offers encourage people to do more of online shopping as there is a sense of gratification for the customer in terms of gifts he can get. However, when buying off the Internet, always ensure that your online purchases are safe. Here are some online shopping tips that will help:

o Always verify that the URL of the website is correct by checking it in the address bar of the Internet browser. This will protect you against phishing.
o Only shop from trusted, well-established and reputed websites.
o Never type sensitive information such as your credit card number, CVV etc. in pop-up windows.
o Sign up for services like ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘Master Card Secure Code’ before shopping online with your credit card for a safer shopping experience.
o The URL of the webpage where you enter your credit card details should start with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. This indicates it is a secure website.
o Jot down relevant transaction IDs or take printouts of the purchase confirmation screen for future reference.
o Check to see that the webpage you are on has a closed padlock or a key icon on it before entering sensitive information.

As you can see, online shopping is a great way to carry out your purchases from the comfort of your own home. However, to ensure that you always have a pleasant and safe shopping experience, make sure that you keep these simple and handy tips in mind before packing those virtual shopping carts! Happy shopping!

Get a Better Shopping Experience

Want a better shopping experience online? Become a better customer! The speed, accuracy, and security of ecommerce websites are improving with each passing year, but they’re not always perfect, and they’re never going to be. What you may not realize is that many of the most common online shopping complaints aren’t the retailer’s fault at all. Yes, sometimes the blame is yours. You can avoid these problems by following these five online shopping tips that will make your shopping experience better and ensure that you get the best customer service every time you click that “add to cart” button.

PS: Although these tips are intended for online shoppers, many of the same rules apply to good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores as well. Keep them in mind the next time you head out to the mall!

Tip 1: Ask Yourself, “Is the Customer Always Right?”

We’ve been hearing it for over a century and seeing it in countless advertisements: “The customer is always right.” If you’ve ever owned a business or worked in retail, then you’ve likely heard this line more than a few times in your experience. Many of us have even dropped this one a few times ourselves when we’ve been frustrated over a misunderstanding or a bad purchase. It’s the mantra of disgruntled customers everywhere; the ultimate slogan designed to crush any disagreement and to get you what you want, on your terms.

But is it true? Is the customer always right? Deep down we all know the answer is absolutely not. Any transaction is a two-way street, and the customer is just as capable of being mistaken or wrong as the person on the other side of the counter (or the person at the other end of the website). While it is true that every customer should be treated with respect, sometimes what you want simply isn’t possible.

It is more effective to always keep an open mind than to always be right.

What does this have to do with improving your shopping experience? When you go into a transaction with the mindset that you are always right no matter what, you’re completely shutting yourself off to the other half of the conversation. Remember, a good retailer wants your business and is going to try to find a solution to your problem whether you demand to be right or not. Taking a combative stance the moment something goes wrong with your purchase or order increases the chance you’ll miss out on a perfectly good solution or compromise. Instead of coming to a fair agreement, you’re left with nothing — and chances are the person you talked to is now just as irritated as you.

But what if it turns out that you actually are right and the business you’re working with is at fault? You can still help fix the issue faster and easier by keeping an open mind and practicing common courtesy.

John Depane, a human resources and business consultant, describes this mindset simply, “Always be nice, until it’s time not to be. Instead of viewing the problem as a fight you must win, treat it as a challenge to be solved with a common goal: your satisfaction. A willingness to listen can take you a long way.”

A confrontational attitude can make it harder to get what you want.

In fact, not listening only makes it more difficult for the retailer to get you what you want. Cathy Ward, owner of ecommerce wedding accessories company, explains, “We’d be out of business if we didn’t strive to make our customers happy, but sometimes when a customer refuses to listen it can be hard to figure out what he or she really needs.” She adds, “Making everyone happy is easier when people take responsibility for their own behavior and actions, on both sides of the equation.”

Bob Bryant, a merchant services specialist, agrees. “Being cool and calm always gets you better treatment and better results than being aggressive or threatening if you’re dissatisfied.”

Tip 2: Don’t Take Your Bad Experiences with You Elsewhere

Even less helpful than assuming that as a customer you are always right is venting your frustration with one business on a completely different one. Yes, all of us have had the misfortune of the occasional bad shopping experience, and sometimes there’s nothing more aggravating than a rude employee or a confused customer service representative. Unlike the old saying, however, one bad apple does not spoil the bunch.

Focus on what the new business can do to help you, not what the last business didn’t do.

Treating a business like an enemy from the very start will not get you faster or better customer service; it will not get you a better price; it will not get you a better shopping experience. In fact, with this kind of attitude you’re very likely to create a problem before there even is one.

Even so, many retailers still frequently hear angry customer complaints like, “The last place I went to screwed up my order. I want things done right this time!”

The only thing you accomplish with this kind of statement is to set the other person on edge, which actually increases the likelihood they’ll make a mistake. Remember, the whole reason you’re visiting this different business is because you weren’t happy with how you were treated at the last one. If you really need to let someone know about your displeasure or feel you deserve some kind of special treatment for a bad experience, take it up with the company that is at fault, not someone else.

Instead of bringing your old problems with you, let yourself move on and give the staff of the new business a chance to outshine your bad experience. No matter how unpleasant things were at that other place, you will find a business that will make you happy, if you let them.

Tip 3: Don’t Abuse the Store’s Returns Policy

There’s a common perception that all retailers are huge mega-businesses with limitless resources, so you should be able to return anything for any reason. After all, it isn’t really hurting anyone and these big shot companies can afford it, right?

The vast majority of online businesses are not, in fact, big companies like Wal-Mart and Target. Very often they are small independent operations that are struggling to compete against bigger businesses while staying afloat in a tough economy. One of the great challenges these small businesses face is in the world of returns. Returns cost a tremendous amount of time and money — the merchant has to process the return with your order, inspect and restock the item if you sent it back, and pay credit card processing fees for the original purchase and the refund, if there is one.

There is no such thing as “friendly” or “harmless” fraud.

While you should never have to accept an item that’s faulty, broken, or not what you ordered, lately there’s been a tendency for some customers to exploit a business’s returns policy for maximum advantage. Abusing the returns policy and other forms of so-called “friendly fraud” can cripple that company’s ability to help other customers and ultimately you. So, before you decide to send it back, keep the following in mind:

Don’t return an item to one store that was purchased somewhere else.

It sounds like common sense, but this happens more often than you think. When you return something to a store other than where it was purchased, you are basically trying to force that company to buy stock that they may not necessarily need or want. Keep your receipts and remember where you made your purchases. If there’s a problem, don’t involve another store.

Don’t expect a retailer to pay return shipping because you don’t like what you bought.

Sometimes we all experience buyer’s remorse, but unless there’s something physically wrong with the item, it’s not the retailer’s fault. Once you buy something, it’s yours, and retailers who allow these kinds of returns are actually doing you a favor.

If you don’t want your purchase and the online retailer is allowing you to send it back, great, but don’t demand they pay charges for the return shipping. When you do, you are forcing a business to absorb a loss on something they made no income from for a bad decision you made.

Don’t buy an item, use it, and then return it because you don’t need it anymore.

Popular culture has almost turned this practice into an act of heroism — many of us have heard some inspiring story or another where some impoverished job-seeker wears a new suit to an interview, hides the tags, and then returns it to the store the next day. But, in most cases, the people who use this technique simply don’t want to pay for something they won’t need that often.

“More than once someone has ordered a cake topper and sent it back saying it wasn’t what they wanted or they didn’t get it in time for their wedding, but when we opened the box there was cake icing on it,” Ward says. “This isn’t harmless; these kinds of things put a big financial burden on small businesses.”

Retailers are not in business to loan you their inventory. If you buy something, use it without any problems, but then don’t want it anymore, find a different way to get rid of it. Donate it to a charity or set it out at your next yard sale, but don’t send it back to the merchant expecting a refund.

Tip 4: Don’t Be Stingy with Your Information

In today’s era of identity theft, junk mail, spam, and telemarketers, protecting your identity and your privacy has never been more important. It’s understandable that you want to make as little of your personal information available to the public as possible. But, when you withhold information like your email address or phone number from an online retailer, it makes it much more difficult for the merchant to follow-up on your order.

Providing contact information improves customer service and can speed up your order.

Remember, every purchase you make online involves a certain amount of trust. Kevin Begola, owner of an ecommerce jewelry website, explains, “Our products have a lot of customization options, and sometimes we need to follow-up with our customers to ensure everything is perfect. When a customer refuses to provide a phone number or email address, it makes it harder to get in touch with them if we need to. This is usually the number one factor for an order delay.”

Most online merchants will not start sending you spam or calling you twenty times a day the moment they have your phone number or email address, but they will be able to contact you quickly to resolve any issues that may arise.

If you’re concerned about what a business is going to do with your personal information, check the merchant’s privacy policy posted on their website, or ask how they will use or store anything you provide them. If you’re still not comfortable, you can shop somewhere else.

If you need to contact a merchant about a purchase, let them know who you are.

Also, if you are going to write a merchant with a question about your order, don’t make them guess your identity. Some merchants process dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of orders per day — a simple “where’s my order” email with no other information forces the retailer to play detective and will delay their response.

Anytime you contact a merchant about a purchase you made, be sure to provide your name, order number or confirmation number, and describe what you ordered and when. Also provide any contact information the merchant might need, such as a work number or cell phone number. This will guarantee a faster response to your questions.

Tip 5: Understand How Shipping Works

The number one complaint about online shopping has, and likely always will be, issues that arise from shipping. Shipping items today is faster and more reliable than ever, but it still takes time and mistakes can and do happen. Fortunately, if you understand a little about how shipping works and follow these additional online shopping tips, you can help ensure your purchases arrive on time, every time.

Check to see how your item is being shipped.

If the merchant uses a private company such as UPS, or if you request that an item be shipped that way, remember that these services cannot deliver packages to a PO Box. You will need to provide your actual home address.

Many online merchants, furthermore, will provide UPS or FedEx tracking information that will enable you to follow your package while it is in transit. Use this information to keep an eye on your package and to be appraised of when it’s going to arrive — doing this yourself is far easier and faster than writing the merchant and demanding to know where your order is.

Ship the item to a location where you or someone else will be available to receive it.

Some types of shipping and some shipping services require that someone be physically present to sign for a package at the time it is delivered. If no one is going to be available at your home to receive the package, consider having it sent to another location, such as the home of a friend or relative, or the place where you work.

Check then double check the accuracy of your shipping address.

Don’t automatically blame the merchant if your package is returned or delivered to the wrong address. Most of the time the problem is a detail like a wrong house number or misspelled street name entered by the customer.

Remember that the shipping time does not include processing time.

Once you’ve purchased an item from a website, it does not immediately box itself and jump into the arms of a waiting truck driver. Someone has to first process your credit card information, pull the item or items from their inventory, package them, and prepare them for shipping.

While this process is usually fairly quick, it’s not instantaneous, and some purchases will take longer to process than others. Also, orders placed late in the day or in the evening won’t likely be processed until the following day.

Learn to count shipping days.

The time it takes for an order to ship only starts the day after the package has left the facility where it was stored and is on its way to you. This means that if you request 3-day delivery on an order that’s shipped on Monday, it will not arrive until Thursday. Or, if you place an order in the evening on Tuesday but request Next Day Air, it will also arrive on Thursday, not Wednesday.

Shipping days do not count weekends and holidays.

Yes, we’re all used to receiving mail on Saturdays, but shipping services like UPS do not make standard deliveries on Saturday, and no one delivers on Sunday or holidays.

For example: Suppose it’s Thursday at 8 PM and you find a cool toy you want to get for your nephew’s birthday this weekend. You count Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — three days — so you choose 3-day delivery. However, the merchant likely won’t even see your order until the start of business hours on Friday. He or she may package the item that same day, but remember the shipping time only starts after the item has left, and UPS won’t ship on the weekend. So, even with 3-day-delivery your package won’t actually arrive until the following Wednesday.

If time is a factor, account for the nature of the purchase and the possibility of delays.

Sure, some items you purchase online may only need a mailing label slapped on the boxes and they’re ready to go, but others are going to take time. If you’re ordering something that’s being engraved, personalized, or custom made, then you’ll usually want to add at least a few days to the amount of time it will take to process your order — and even longer for some items. Remember, someone, probably a skilled artisan, is going to have to sit down and actually make your item — there is simply no possible way it can ship immediately.

There are also other issues outside of anyone’s control that can potentially delay your package. The number of other orders placed before yours, distance between you and the shipping facility, severe weather, even accidents can be a factor in the amount of time it takes to receive your purchase.

“We work with brides every day, so we understand that time can be an issue,” Ward says. “We pride ourselves on not missing wedding dates, and we get all our orders out as fast as possible, but things like engraving are always going to add to the time it takes to process an order.”

If time is a factor, finish your online shopping well in advance of the date that you need something. If, for whatever reason, you still need to order an item at the last minute, then work with the merchant to see what you can do to rush your package and receive it as quickly as possible. Don’t demand miracles, and don’t blame the merchant for your time constraints.

Once you receive your package, check the entire box.

Many packages arrive stuffed with Styrofoam peanuts and other packing material. If you open the box but don’t immediately see what you ordered, take a deep breath and check the inside of the box more thoroughly. Empty out all of those peanuts if you have to — more often than not you just missed the item the first time. Make sure you’re absolutely certain that your item hasn’t arrived before contacting the merchant.

Being a Better Customer Will Always Get You a Better Shopping Experience

Just as all of us are looking for businesses we can trust and enjoy dealing with, businesses are always hoping for great customers — serving those people is very often what inspired the owner to start their company in the first place.

“It’s such a pleasure when a customer becomes an active participant,” Bob Bryant says. “It’s truly rewarding when they understand all aspects of the transaction and start working with you.”

“We get really excited when the customer is excited,” Ward adds. “Sharing in the enthusiasm of a friendly, understanding customer helps us work better.”

When you keep an open mind, work with instead of against the merchant, be honest and open in your transactions, and understand a little of what goes into your order, businesses will go out of their way to keep you satisfied. All you need is a healthy attitude and a bit of patience and online shopping will be as convenient, as fast, and as fun as it was meant to be. Good luck and happy shopping!

Easy To Follow Online Shopping Tips

While earlier the internet only connected people, today it has created a boom by connecting businesses. The internet today has come out as a new medium for shopping. Online shopping has grown enormously popular and is one of the fastest growing businesses across the globe. Shopping today has surpassed the boundaries of visiting malls, shopping outlets and stores. Online shopping has changed the old-fashioned ways of shopping. Everyone, be it the men or the women, younger generation or the older, all are going online and shopping. Today a lot of companies are creating online stores and hence creating their social presence. There are stores to cater both to the needs of sellers and buyers.

No matter, what kind of products you are looking for, you can find almost everything on the internet. Online shopping provides you with the convenience of shopping 24/7 without actually moving around. It provides you with the ease of having all the products under one roof. The product range in online shopping is mind boggling. There are huge bargain offers and the shipping of the product is really fast. You can have the product at your doorstep without actually moving out of your home.

Online shopping today has become more of a routine rather than a hobby. Billions of people today shop online.The combination of speed, convenience, diverse range of products, good deals on the product and the option of sending the product back if unsatisfied has made us addicted to online shopping. It has become so rampant also because people are saved from the pain of standing in long queues at the cash counter. But we must also remember to be careful while shopping online. You not only need your credit card but also a little awareness while shopping online. Here are five easy to follow online shopping tips:

Tip 1: Always shop from trusted websites
Always look for trusted, well known and respectable online retailers. With many E-shopping portals coming up, you need to be extra careful while shopping. Websites that are certified by Internet Trust Organizations such as ‘BB online’, must be preferred since they protect your privacy. Beware of misspellings and resist the temptation of the enticing sales.

Tip 2: Identify a secure web transaction
Never, ever buy anything from a website that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. One way to know whether the site has SSL is to confirm that the site starts from HTTPS://, instead of just an HTTP. Also a padlock symbol appears on the URL in the address bar.

Tip 3: keep it a secret
Always keep your personal details a secret. Never shell out details about your credit card or any other bank details unless absolute necessary. Be careful when it comes to entering personal information. Giving away too much information can give the hackers the required edge.

Tip 4: Be careful while using network
If you are thinking of using a public terminal to shop online, think again. If you still want to go ahead with the public terminals, remember to log out every time. Even if you are doing something as simple as checking a mail, be attentive. Also always use trusted Wi-Fi connection or better a privatized one. Also inoculate your computer with antivirus software.

Tip 5: keep checking statements
Never wait for the month end to go and check your bank statements. Go regularly to check your statements i.e. your credit, debit statements. Keep checking your online shopping receipts via mail. Keep a check for any sort of changes in the statement. If you find anything inappropriate address the issue immediately.

Applying these small tactics will save you from being a target of a cyber fraud.

Recession Proof Online Shopping

With all the talk about recession issues there is one thing you can depend upon no matter what shape the economy. Online shopping saves you time, money and stress. At close to $4 a gallon, gasoline is not worth buying to drive around town. It is easier to sit at your computer and get everything you need. Save that gas money and use it to buy yourself something.

One of the great things about shopping online is 24 hour 7 days a week availability. And, with the help of search engines like Google, a person can get anything they want at prices much lower than what they would pay at the store.

Considering fuel charges alone, one trip to the local shopping mall could be as much as you would pay for a new designer handbag by Melie Bianco or MURVAL. These designers create the high end look without the high end price tag. They also provide roomy versatile purses made of eco friendly materials. If there is one thing a woman can not live without it is an occasional new purse.

If leather is your choice of handbag, Elaine Turner makes a complete line of affordable, moderately priced women’s bags and accessories. Elaine is fairly new to the designer handbag scene. She started her handbag business in Dallas, Texas around 2000. Her designs are made exceptionally well, and the handbags have classic appeal among women.

All-in-all, to recession proof shopping habits, you must start thinking smart about using your budget wisely. An average trip to the mall or department store costs about $12 in gasoline, plus lunch about $16 (minimum), and parking in major cities anywhere from $6 – $15. That’s a hefty price to spend an afternoon browsing stores. The irony of the situation is most of the stores you browse are available online, too.

You may feel the day out is deserved after a long work week — agreed. Treating yourself with a reward is motivating. That’s not the point, here. If the economy dictates our spending, then maybe we need to re-examine how we spend and where our money goes.

McDonald’s just announced the introduction of a new flavored ice-coffee on tap in their fast food restaurants. I bet many of the Starbuck addicts at $5 a pop will try switching to the $1.89 McDonald coffee. It is a smart choice and an alternative without depriving yourself of something you enjoy. And, the savings is huge if you drive through or stop for coffee once per day.

Same is true with designer fashion accessories like handbags, purses, scarves, hats, jewelry, and tote bags. Why deprive yourself of something you want if there is a way to obtain the items at affordable prices. A fashion keepsake is something you will have forever. So, it only makes sense to find something affordable and adorable. Online shopping provides resources to get these special things at great discount prices.

It appears as though the designer industry is out of control. From handbags to watches to foot wear, shoes, boots, and just about anything with a designer label has gotten to an unreachable, unattainable price level. Some people advocate the rental of these high end designer items to give the appearance of affluence. It is somewhat discouraging to know people feel the need to put on a fake front by renting fashion. And, it doesn’t fit into the smart shopper attitude. Why rent and pay high fees when you can buy something of your own.

Actually, with all the transmitted diseases and germs spreading like viruses, who would want to use a purse an unknown person carried previously. Scary thought seeing as an average trip to the doctor is about $150, and if medication or a shot is needed, add another couple hundred dollars. Not worth the risk nowadays. Designer rental companies are a lot of hype and advertising without ROI (return of investment) for the customer – very high cost, extremely low value.

Well, it is time to go surfing — nope, not to the ocean, directly to Google. You want a new designer handbag — easily, type into the search box, Designer Handbag. A list of resources appears before your eyes. Browse the online stores, compare prices and choose wisely. Contact the website with questions. A good online store will respond to your questions promptly. Find those special places online to get the things you want without any overhead expenses. You can shop anytime day or night, save time, save money and do it all in the privacy of your own home.

Happy bargain hunting online is a great way to shop smart using your budget wisely.

The Basics of Online Printing

The internet has become the new medium of the world. It is the channel where the world converges – you just log in and you become a virtual member of the global community.

You can access anything using the internet and do multiple tasks. You can shop for a dress, gourmet chocolates, pizza and even prints. Online printing is indeed one of the many products and services you can find in the internet.

The world wide web allows you to search for the best prints and the cheapest ones. More than this, it allows you to even search for both. Online printing brings you a variety of products and services at your feet. With a click of a button, you can access the prints you want and select the printer who would make it possible.

Online printing allows you to accomplish printing projects whether you’re at the office or at home.

It doesn’t even matter if your printer is on the west coast while you’re at the east. Online printing caters to anyone, anywhere.

Although online printing has long been made possible with the internet, there are still new users and interested parties who ventures in to try it. Many are faced with the dizzying number of choices and unfamiliar specifications one has to select. There are some who take the time to investigate and immerse themselves in understanding the processes and values of printing. And then there are some, still, who might say forget it.

Online printing has been designed with a user-friendly interface in order for users to understand the step by step procedure they would have to take in order to complete the transaction. There are product descriptions and the like to aid clients and give them sufficient information.

However, what is it exactly that you should be looking for in printers? What are the things you really need to compare when selecting the right printer for your printing projects?

Many people, naturally, scan the sea of online printers for the one who’ll do the job. They canvass and compare online printers and what the products and services they offer. But what exactly do you need to compare when browsing through and comparing printers?

There are various points to look and there are different ways of looking at them. As a client or potential customer, there are other things that you should study and take in to consideration when selecting a printer. This sometimes goes beyond the tag price that goes to your printing project.

Nevertheless, here are some areas and options you should study when studying or selecting printers. Some options of course emphasize a different need or motivation. Studying carefully what you want will help you, eventually decide, which online printer will give you the best value for your money.

1. Printing Quotes – printing quotes give you an idea on how much you’ll be spending for your printing project, but this is never the final price. There might be additional payments such as sales tax, if and when applicable. Ask for those too if possible to help you make a more informed decision.

2. Turnaround Time – online printing is about convenience. See which printers can process your orders in the shortest possible time. However, turnaround time does not include shipping.

3. Finishes – are different coatings that seals your prints. Finishes can highlight your prints and emphasize their colors. Different kinds of finishes provide you with more option to create a different look and feel on your prints.

4. Paper Stock – are different grades and weights of paper. Study which or what kind of papers the printers use for their products. Papers should be opaque and bright. A good paper can ably complement and spell a difference in the quality of your prints.

5. Bulk – the number of prints you order, of course differs in prices. Compare how much you’ll be paying if you get prints at your original number, then see how much the printer charges if you double it. You might save more with other printers and now, you can finally afford to have twice as much.

Online Shopping Price Comparison

The advent of the Internet has brought about a huge evolution in the commercial sector. Other than being a source of information, it has also become a preferable mode of shopping for people. In this context, online shopping has become very common among everyone because it does not require you to travel all the way to the market and look out for the right shop to purchase your desired product. What is more impressive is the fact that, it exposes you to a wide choice of products, thus allowing you to pick and choose anything that best suits your requirements. For this reason a number of shopping websites have come up in order to cater to the needs of the people. What is notable in this context is the fact that other than just shopping assistance, price comparison in UK channelises your choice in the right direction.

Though the aforesaid features are not always required for every product, but when it comes to service providers, it becomes utterly important. For example, when it comes to mobile service providers or energy providers, extensive use of such options becomes necessary. This is because, it often becomes very difficult to choose as to which service provider has the best offers and quality products. For example, if you are planning to subscribe to a contract phone connection or pay as you go phone connection, price comparison in UK is one of the best option available. Just visit any of the shopping websites and search for contract mobile phone service providers. Now, quite obviously it becomes difficult to decide whether you want a three connection or a t-mobile connection. There are many mobile services available in the market. Different services have different terms and conditions and come up with different offers. With the help of price comparison sites you can now keep yourself cool and decide which one is better than the other and in what respect. This process have greatly helped the citizens of UK, who now-a-days mostly depend on web shopping to get access to their favourite product.

It is a practical fact, that the world of Internet, has almost everything that you desire. Infact, in UK it is even used for subscribing to energy services which is always one of the basic requirements. For this service Price Comparison in UK is most important, basically for the fact that it gives a clear idea to subscribers about the plus points of the service. Most importantly, it also does a comparative study of the present service that you are using and the new service that you have chosen. All you need to do is log into any of the price comparison sites and choose the service that satisfies you the most. Now, in order to compare, you need to enter your post code. Instantly, a long form is displayed that has a number of questionnaires. Just answer the questionnaires and click compare under it. A list of comparative study material is displayed that makes your choice easy and prevents you from making wrong choices.

Reasons Should Shop Online

1. Save Money

Everyone wants to save money nowadays, it makes perfect sense. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you can pay less why not do it? Saving money is the most obvious reason to shop online. Online shopping has grown tremendously over the last few years and with time it will become the most popular way to shop. With this expansion has come an expansion of online savings. Thousands of online retailers have teamed up with numerous web sites that pass these saving on to consumers in the form of online coupons. These online coupons can be redeemed via the online retailers’ website by simply clicking on a link from one of these coupon sites. Consumers shopping online should take advantages of these coupons and the saving they have to offer.

2. Smart Shopping

Besides saving money, using coupons to shop online is a smart choice. Online coupons have become easily obtainable and even easier to use. If you are not already taking advantage of these coupons it’s time to become a smart shopper. You’ll be surprised how many of your favorite retailers offer online coupons. If you don’t take advantage of these online deals you’re simply not being a smart shopper.

3. Time is Money

This one is a gem, who has time to waste at the mall or clip paper coupons. Most of us spend some time at work surfing the web. Yes, I said it and you know it’s true. If this wasn’t the case why do online retailers have Cyber Monday? They know most of us are at work and chances are we’re in front of a computer. I’m not saying that you should ignore your work but if you have time to update your Facebook status and read what your friends are doing. Then you have time to do some online shopping through endless stores and endless products. OK, so maybe you don’t surf the web on company time but the fact is that you do surf the web. So why not take some of that time and direct it towards some online shopping? Shopping online will save you countless hours. Hours that can be better spent with friends and family.

4. Save on Gas

Wow, have you seen the prices at the pump lately? I’m personally tired of all the excuses of why we are paying more for gas. Oil spill, gas goes up. Change of season, gas goes up. News out of the Middle East, gas goes up. Do yourself a favor, if you bypass the mall you save on gas. That’s money you can use to watch a movie or go out to dinner.

5. Save Your Car

Driving to the mall puts wear and tear on your vehicle and unnecessary miles. Plus those dings and dents you get when someone with a clunker parks next to your pride and joy. Save yourself the headache and expense, stay home and use those coupons from the comfort of your home while shopping in your PJs…now we’re talking!

6. Beat the Crowds

This is especially true during the holidays and if you are like me who waits until the last possible moment the crowds are brutal making every shopping task unbearable. It all begins when you arrive at the mall; you fight for a parking space. Then with your luck you get stuck at the register behind the shopper that picked up that item that has no SKU and you wait until a salesperson retrieves the same item from the floor. To make matters worse the cashier turns out to be a temp or new hire that has entered something incorrectly and to top it off you waste more time waiting for a Manager overwrite. Save yourself the hassle and just shop online.

7. Find Rare or Discontinued Items

Instead of shopping aimlessly calling every store within a 100 mile radius looking for that item you know is no longer available. Why not expand that search radius by shopping for those rare and discontinued items online. There is no need to drive to the next county or state to get that item. Online retailers use online coupons to move these discontinued items and they even dedicate entire portions of their sites to discontinue and clearance merchandise. Not only will you save money but you can find that rare purchase in a matter of minutes.

8. Find Sold Out Items

Ever shop for that sold out item during the holidays? Ever camp out at the local store because you got a tip that a new delivery is coming and there is a chance that maybe three items might be delivered that morning? You might say, merchandise also sell out online and yes you’re correct but at least you save yourself the torture of sleeping outside for the “chance” to get that sold out item.

The bottom line is that shopping online with the combination of online coupons can equal huge savings.

Online coupons are broken down into three categories.

Coupons- These are simply links that offer a saving. The only thing required is to click on the link provided by the coupon site. Once the link is clicked on you get redirected to the online retailer where the saving will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

Coupon Codes (Promo Codes) – These are codes that you must write down or in the case of some sites you click on the code and it copies code so you can paste on the retailers site. Either way, these codes are used during the checkout process. Look for a small box that says something like “Coupon Code” or “Promo Code”. Enter or paste the code into this box and hit submit, this will apply the savings.

Free Shipping Coupons- The name says it all, these coupons are for free shipping. They can be in the form of a link or a coupon code.

Don’t forget to use these money saving tips next time you are about to purchase anything online.